We have a dream

“Imagine a community of great possibilities and prosperity built by Black people for Black people. Places to work. Places to live. Places to learn and shop and play. Places to worship.” - New York times

Now imagine it being possible through in-kind venture capital that you don’t have to pay back (ever) because those giving it to you have one motive only: Black financial success. Black Capital Foundation was created because we know that Black success embodies the American dream, and we share that dream of making your American dream come true. Black Capital Foundation is for dreamers like you. You have no shortage of ambition and passion – you started your business with it. But you’re tired of knowing that the business you’ve worked so hard for is on the brink, or is being held back, because of that one thing you need to get some financial relief and get you where you need to grow. You feel stuck and need support in order to build a business that allows you to impact infinitely more lives, create stable wealth for you and generations to come, and make Black-owned business synonymous with success.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place! And you’re exactly who we created Black Capital Foundation for.

Whether you’re…

A profitable business who’s reached a very real ceiling  You know that you’re capable of so much more, and scaling your business is your ticket to helping more people, creating financial freedom, and diversifying your income streams Or A struggling business who needs help to sustain and strengthen your business the smart way(with guidance from experts) in order to sidestep the statistics showing that only 25% of businesses last 15 years or more due to a lack of capital and poor management

Black Capital Foundation will give you the strategy, capital, resources, network, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to a thriving and profitable business. But above all else…Black Capital Foundation will give you the confidence and in-kind capital to help you generate consistent, scalable revenue and make the lucrative leap from stressing about how to make it (or make it bigger!) to giving yourself the freedom to focus on why you started in the first place.

Who We Help

We’re on a mission to spread hope

We see you. We’re inspired by you. Everything we do happens because we believe in you today - right where you are… and more than that, we believe in where you’re going. If you’re here, there’s a good chance you’re looking for relief. Our mission is for you to leave this page with hope. 

“We did not come to fear the future. We came here to shape it.” – Barack Obama

 You started your business with a dream and a desire to share that dream with your community, but you’re feeling stuck and need support to ensure you can keep going and growing. We help two types of Black business owners:

Investment Criteria:

1. I’m trying to sustain 

You have a business on the brink and need strategy, tools, exposure, or a rehaul to stay on your feet and keep from putting up a going out of business sign


2. I’m ready to scale

You have a thriving business and you need expertise, tools, capital, or exposure to scale and grow to make your business a household name

Areas of Business We Can Help With:
  • Accounting / Bookkeeping (taxes, bookkeeping, payroll, debt, budgets, employee tax management, financial forecasting, inventory, utility payments, audits, and more)
  • Branding and Marketing (logo, website design, content, collateral, copywriting, SEO, eCommerce store, brand photography, and more)
  • Human Resources (payroll, hiring and retention, company policies, compensation and benefits, training and development, labor law compliance)
  • Legal (business licenses, ensure you’re properly insured, contracts, government benefits, real estate, trademarks, and more)
  • Real Estate and Construction (leasing and purchasing, modifications and upgrades, repairs, interior design, equipment, and more)
  • And more (if you don’t see your need here, reach out!)

In The Black

The term “In the black” is synonymous with being profitable. By partnering our knowledge and network with your need, we know we can put Black businesses in the black and on the map.

Black Capital Offers Four Types of Capital

Because We’re So Invested In Your Success:

We know there is strength in numbers, and there’s compound interest in giving.

In-Kind Financial Capital:

This is the money a business needs to fund its operations. We provide this in-kind through services and goods such as hiring an accountant to get your books and your budget in order, paying for a modern new brand that will appeal to a wider audience, investing in construction modifications, and more.

Human Capital:

This is the knowledge, skills, and experience of the people who work for the business. Are you missing a key hire that could launch you to the next level? Or struggling to maintain an employee base you can count on? We’ve got you.

Social Capital:

In business and in the Black community, relationships and a solid network have the biggest impact on your success. We’ll ensure that your business has its customers, suppliers, advisors, neighbors, and other stakeholders on lock - while connecting you with a broader Black-owned business community to contribute to (and share in) your success.

Intellectual Capital:

You had a great idea and the guts to execute. Now you need the knowledge, ideas, and innovations that will help your business grow sustainably and elevate it through key strategy and advice from successful Black business leaders who know where you are now and can help you get where you need to go.

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Why In-Kind Instead of Cash?

Simply put, purpose (not profit) is our mission.

We provide capital in-kind instead of cash because we genuinely want to help Black-owned businesses be successful - no strings (or fees or fine print) attached. And we believe in-kind capital is the start of a solution. We chose in-kind capital because we believe it serves Black businesses better.  We offer in-kind capital (that you don’t have to pay back) instead of cash because this type of capital statistically leads to greater success. And your long term success - not just a temporary lifeline - is our purpose and the reason we exist. With capital or cash grants alone, and without the right guidance, the money could be spent in the wrong areas. Meaning? You stay stuck right where you are or worse. Black Capital Foundation does things differently because our end goal is to help build a thriving community of successful and profitable Black-owned businesses that last not only for the current generation - but for the next (and the next, and the next).

Agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews to further the overall value proposition.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work:

Your business exists because of your passion, talents, hard work, and drive that have launched your business and kept it going.  We have the opportunity and network that will fan its flame for years to come. Our approach is one of collaboration. Business, like life, is better with a community that you can lean on.  We’re not here to tell you what to do, we’re here to act as a trusted (and business savvy) friend within a like-minded community to plug in our knowledge (and network) where you need it most.

Without jargon, fine print, and ulterior motives. We’re here for you because we are you.

What we want to know most is what you really need – whether it’s help with taxes and withholding, or setting your business up for social media success that gets feet through your doors – so that we can do just that. And, unlike other sources of capital (banks, VC, or government), with Black Capital Foundation it’s also ok if you don’t know what you need – you just know that you need help.

Advisement and Support Can:

  • Provide relief and hope by helping you identify and address the biggest area of need in your business
  • Recognize your strengths and build on them
  • Develop an actionable strategy to manage your challenges and build resilience
  • Offer guidance and resources (from other successful Black business leaders) to help you find solutions to your business challenges
  • Connect you with a strong Black business community and network of support so you feel less alone and more empowered to make positive changes

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