Black Capital Foundation is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to providing free in-kind capital to help Black-owned businesses sustain or scale. More than that, we are a network of Black business leaders who have come together to elevate Black businesses through action-based (in-kind) capital, support systems, relationships, resources + strategy, and community.

The only opportunity of its kind, our mission is to create an inclusive economic opportunity and generational wealth to provide long-term value for Black communities by providing equitable access to no-strings-attached resources and support for Black entrepreneurs, because the long-term success of Black-owned business pays back in dividends to all of us.

We are Black Capital Foundation. Welcome home.

We’re a philanthropic organization helping make Black-owned businesses capital ready for long term success by providing:

Support Systems

that you might not realize you need, or to enhance systems you have in place so you can scale.


with the right network of engaged experts and Black business leaders.

Resources and Strategy

to ensure you’re capital-ready (whether you need help to sustain or to scale).

Community Network

that connects Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs to support one another and help each other thrive.

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We Believe

Our vision is to amplify the voices and dreams of Black business owners

by providing access to a venture capital ecosystem that you’re familiar with, because we are you.  We leverage our vast network to drive the success and longevity of Black-owned businesses, and to create economic equity and empowerment for the Black community.

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What We Offer

What we want to know most is what you really need

Whether it’s help with taxes and withholding, or setting your business up for social media success that gets feet through your doors – so that we can do just that. And, unlike other sources of capital (banks, VC, or government), with Black Capital Foundation it’s also ok if you don’t know what you need – you just know that you need help.

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How We're Different

Purpose (not profit) is Our Mission

We genuinely want to help Black-owned businesses be successful - no strings (or fees or fine print) attached

We Provide Capital In-Kind Instead of Cash

We know firsthand that cash only helps temporarily and that's if you know exactly how (and where) to spend it. Unlike banks and grants, we start by listening to what you’d like to achieve, develop a  business strategy to address your area of need, and then secure the resources needed to fix it (at no cost, and with no payback terms from you)

We Partner with You - Collaboratively

and listen to understand where you’re struggling most (and then provide capital-in-kind to directly impact the area of your business that’s holding you back or help launch you to the next level)

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Black Capital Foundation changed our lives.  We didn't think we would have a second chance until Black Capital Foundation stepped in and helped our business
 We believe in great details, and we also believe in businesses that keep that in our mind all days, everyday. 

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